Graphical Stroke is a stroke of genius from a graphic designer with an artistic soul that changes mediocrity into exceptional beauty.

I’m Tomasz Karawajczyk – graphic designer. I create the Graphical Stroke as graphic design studio. I have sucessfully been a graphic designer now for a while and it has given me even more love for this work. Netherlands is the place where I have design inspiration. My passion is to give others what they want. During this period I have helped many satisfied customers with the design of flyers, billboards, catalogues, books, posters, websites, advertisements and presentations. I do this in a creative, accurate, quick and extremely flexible way. I’m able to supply at a very profitable price due to its limited overheads and low fixed expenses.

In the same way that ‘stroke’ characterises the art, GS gives form and colour to your ideas. GS is driven by the belief that understanding the customer’s needs leads to the creation of a unique project. A constructive discussion is the key to the success. Every customer is unique, every situation is unique. Graphical Stroke develops something new for every new project. The look that suits everyone’s needs. Graphical Stroke is a graphic design studio delivering high quality visual and creative web design and graphic design solutions that are clean, powerful and original.